How to Avoid a Bad Impression With Dirty Window Screens


If your clients and customers can see your window screens from outside, they might have the wrong impression about how well you maintain your business inside of it. A dirty window screen makes your company look unprofessional, especially if you’re in retail or hospitality. Here are some tips to avoid that impression with dirty window screens and replacing sills if necessary.

Windows Screens Get Dirty Because…

When renovating a home, you should use a damp sponge or cloth to clean dust collected on a window sill, as the dust may contain asbestos or lead-based paint. Home maintenance is an ongoing process for any homeowner, and here we see an African- American woman who’d taken a damp sponge to her window’s frame, in order to remove accumulated dust particulates. Note how the homeowner had donned a pair of waterproof gloves, a facemask, and a pair of goggles, prior to beginning this task.
A dirty window screen makes your company look unprofessional

They are installed outside and exposed to dirt, dust, leaves, birds, tree sap and other contaminants. Over time, those particles cling to window screens and make them unsightly. Keeping your screens clean is important for more than just aesthetics; dirty screens collect insects that can wreak havoc on your property.

Additionally, you may find yourself constantly cleaning windows because of messy screens. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your cleaning workload, it’s time to replace your old screen frames or sills. Doing so will not only save you time in maintenance but also give your home an updated look. For more information about how to replace window screens in your home, contact us at LA Prestige Windows today!

Expert Help – The Pros

Replacement window sills are often quite expensive, and it can be difficult for homeowners and/or businesses to replace them on their own. We recommend calling in an expert. They have replacement screens you can use while your screen is being fixed, and they should also be  able to fix your current screen. You might want to do some research online or ask friends for recommendations if you don’t know of any service providers. When you find someone, make sure they’re insured and licensed — and that they come highly recommended. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about how long they’ve been in business, what kinds of customers they typically work with, etc. Ask whether they offer references from previous clients and call those people before hiring anyone.