How To Safely and Efficiently Clean Those Hard to Reach Windows

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Most modern structures have very tall and wide windows that allow plenty of natural light to filter in. While there is a definite benefit of having expansive windows, it’s also quite tedious to keep these surfaces clean. Your housekeeping staff might be able to clean the lower areas of these windows, but will not be able to reach the higher ones. Not only does this leave the windows unclean, but marks the appearance of your property as well.

How Professionals Handle Window Cleaning

The most efficient and safe way to manage hard to reach window cleaning is to use specialized tools, and that is exactly what skilled professionals do. When you hire a proven operator for window cleaning, you can be sure that they will handle the job right. They will also customize their services and design window cleaning packages that fit into your requirements and budget.

No window is too awkward for us to reach. We’ll find the way.

When handling this job, they use a 40ft deionized water-fed pole system that is an efficient way to clean all the difficult to reach spots on windowpanes. The use of these tools and safety gear ensures the job is completed with no compromise on quality.

Benefits of Deionized Water

There are many advantages to using deionized water, such as:

  • Fewer Minerals– Deionized water has less minerals and will not affect the surfaces
  • Won’t Streak Windows– Even after cleaning windows with regular water, many people notice streaks on them. This is something you won’t have to worry about when you use deionized water. It also means the windows can be streak-free within a shorter time span.
  • Cleaner and Shinier Windows– Deionized water will also give you much cleaner windows, as it is pure. The panes will also have a distinct shine.

As you can see, there are benefits to hiring professionals for hard to reach window cleaning. This service is useful for not just commercial properties, but residential properties too. Most homeowners do not have the time to tackle these jobs, and it can be quite risky to climb up a tall ladder to clean hard to reach windows from the outside. Professionals handle all these things very well and make sure that the windows are streak-free and squeaky clean. Having clean windows is necessary, as they offer a clearer view of the outdoors from the inside of the building. Professionals are also now mindful of social distancing norms while handling this task. They will wear masks and gloves and do a thorough job. For any more information on our hard to reach window cleaning services, feel free to contact us.

Window Washing And Covid 19

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Now that most businesses are opening up or have already, the need for additional sanitization and cleaning processes must be in place. This is all part of COVID precautions and not something you should compromise on or take chances with. Just as you need to clean & sanitize every nook and cranny of your office at specific intervals during the day, you cannot overlook the windows either.

Why You Need To Hire Professionals For Window Cleaning

Keeping your home and office clean and sanitized is vital today.

Customers and clients will be comfortable walking into your office only when they are confident that the spaces have been cleaned properly. Also, your employees’ health is important, and one way to reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 in the workplace is to get window cleaning done by professionals. Most buildings have a large number of glass windows that cover vast surfaces.

The coronavirus is known to remain active on glass and other surfaces for up to 72 hours, which can be a major risk for your employees, especially since most workplaces are air-conditioned and closed. This makes it crucial to get these features of your commercial property cleaned and disinfected along with all the other areas.

Hire Professionals for Regular Cleaning

There are other benefits to having window cleaning done by professionals. It saves your internal housekeeping staff some time. Professionals also have the right cleaning, sanitization products, and training, which means they can do a thorough job. While sanitization of windows is important in commercial settings, it is also necessary in homes to keep family members safe.

Some homeowners feel that they would be able to handle this job themselves, but that isn’t a good idea. Using improper products can damage the windowpanes and can affect their integrity. The surfaces may not be sanitized correctly, leaving you at risk of exposure to the virus.

When you hire us for residential or commercial window cleaning, you can be sure that we will handle the job to the highest industry standards. Our crew wears gloves, masks, and will stay six feet apart while doing their work. They are thorough and make sure that every inch of the window is cleaned and sanitized perfectly.

We also customize our services and create cleaning packages that include window cleaning. For any more information on our services, feel free to contact us and our team will help. You can also visit our Home Page for more information on COVID precautions and our services.