Removing Soot and Ash From Windows and Screens


Be it an unfortunate case of a house fire, or simply a chimney or fireplace sending out signals that your house needs a deep cleaning, there is no reason one should let soot rot windows, screens, or any part of a home. Sometimes soot and ash inhabit a home even without a fireplace. If gone unnoticed, it can cause extreme damage to various parts of the home.

Smoke and Ash Residue From California Wildfires

Harmful soot and ash can cause health problems, so hire a professional before cleaning.

Extreme temperatures, less rainfall, drier conditions, and heat contribute to poor air quality. So naturally, homes in LA struggle with keeping their exterior clean. Consequently, more serious measures will have to be taken for removing soot and ash from windows and screens for LA properties. If not removed immediately, soot poses a serious threat to human health besides discoloring the walls, ceilings, windows, and screens of a home. Since removing soot and ash from windows and screens can cause skin, lung, and skin dangers without professional techniques and equipment, it is best to hire a professional to take care of the cleaning. Professional cleaning teams have adequate tools, expertise, and know-how to clean soot and ash off a home while preventing residues and stains. 

How to Remove Soot and Ash From Window Screens

Removing soot and ash from windows and screens or any surface is undoubtedly challenging and tedious. But assigning this task to professional cleaning teams will have you thank your stars! They usually resort to methods like using rubbers and squeegees with a stable rubber blade, dishwashing liquid, gallons of water, and voila! Your windows will not be subjected to any complicated tools or harsh detergents, and they will provide clean and streak-free windows in no time!

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