Why Commercial Windows Need to Be Cleaned More Often

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If you’re like many people out there, you probably can’t remember the last time you had the windows of your home cleaned. Unless there are obvious imperfections or smudges, it’s common for people to wait years before cleaning their residential windows. While this is ill-advised for homeowners, this neglect can be very destructive in a commercial setting. 

For various reasons, it’s crucial for business owners to conduct frequent commercial window cleaning to realize the full potential of their business space. Especially considering the crowded commercial areas and high traffic in Los Angeles, it’s not uncommon for people to schedule window cleaning services weekly or bi-weekly. 

Benefits of Regular Commercial Window Cleaning

Like all building maintenance practices, regular window cleaning for your business provides preventative benefits for your structure while also showcasing a higher dedication to safety and professionalism. Here are a few of the benefits you can realize through regular commercial window cleaning:

A commercial window cleaning service expertly maintains a business’s storefront displays to help support its reputation as a professional operation.

Window Longevity

If you maintain it regularly, it will last longer. This is as true for windows as it is for any other system within your commercial structure. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt and grime buildup that can lead to windowpane and seal damage.  

Cleaner Workspace 

When you clean your windows more often, both customers and employees will enjoy a clean space free of dirt, grease, and bacterial buildup. 

Improved Reputation

No one enjoys visiting a commercial space that’s not receiving upkeep — especially when dirt and grime prevent you from actually seeing clearly into the workspace. Regular commercial window cleaning will give you a reputation as a professional, conscientious business owner among customers. 

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Commercial Window Cleaning Is Good for Your Reputation

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It’s tough to stay competitive in today’s crowded business landscape, especially for those owners in saturated markets like Los Angeles. The slightest misstep in branding or service provision can lead to a decrease in customers and profits. Simply put, businesses need to do everything possible to ensure that they are upholding the reputation of their brand. 

An easy but often overlooked aspect of a business’s brand is the state of its upkeep. It’s not the most innovative of marketing techniques, but it’s effective nonetheless. A clean storefront signals many things to potential buyers about the qualities and ethics of you and your business. 

How Commercial Window Cleaning Improves Your Reputation

Now more than ever, people want a business they can trust. When a storefront has dirty, grimey windows, it tells people that ownership doesn’t care enough to put their best foot forward. It’s like showing up to an interview in dirty clothes. 

Although people may not be consciously aware of it, a clean window offers a literal and figurative insight into how the business is run. 

view towards a window
A window cleaning surface wipes away the dirt and grime to restore a business’s professional reputation.

Benefits of Clean Windows 

Commercial window cleaning services offer plenty of benefits to business owners in addition to a tidy storefront; these include:

  • Improved brand reputation 
  • Allowing customers to focus on your promotional signs
  • Showcasing your dedication to professionalism

At the end of the day, clean windows go a long way to improving your business operations, and owners need to have a regular commercial window cleaning schedule if they want to maximize profits. 

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How Often Should You Schedule Professional Window Cleaning?

Of all the maintenance tasks that home and business owners forget to regularly conduct, window cleaning sits near the top of the list. Unless there are obvious imperfections or marks on the pane of glass, most people put the task off until next “someday.” Unfortunately, this can negatively impact more than just the aesthetic look of your building. 

bathroom with windows
A professional window cleaning service helps maintain the look and function of your residential or commercial windows.

Dirty windows and sills can cause plenty of downstream effects, including issues with mold, permanent damage to glass panes, and even compromised seals. Depending on the surrounding area, there may be additional factors that contribute to window damage. That’s why investing in a professional window cleaning service that services your building on a regular basis is so important. 

Scheduling Professional Window Cleaning

Depending on whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial building, the ideal schedule for your cleaning crew will vary. 

Most homeowners choose to have their windows cleaned twice a year. That allows for all windows, sills, tracks, and ledges to be thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt, mold, and any other debris. However, if you live in a heavily treed area, where pollen and sap can make windows even dirtier, you may require additional professional window cleaning

Businesses are a different story. Because they are in higher-traffic areas and see a much higher volume of visitors, the importance of keeping clean windows is even greater for commercial buildings. If you own a business, keeping your store or office front in order has a direct impact on the success of your operations. Given the increased likelihood of dirty windows and the elevated importance of keeping them clean, professional window cleaning for commercial properties should occur on a more regular basis. 

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Cleaning Moldy Windows and Window Sills

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With all the beautiful weather we get here in sunny Los Angeles, there are a few minor drawbacks. Chief among these is the tendency for mold to grow on windows and window sills. Unfortunately, the moisture we get here, mixed with that temperate climate we love so much, helps various strains get a foothold on the exterior features of homes and businesses. That results in mold around the edges of windows, screens, and sills.

Weather Elements Affect Your Windows

a professional residential and commercial window cleaning service can help you with effectively cleaning moldy windows and sills

The quality and location of your window installation, and the type of window itself, can exacerbate issues with mold growth. From loose fixtures to particularly humid environments, there are many reasons why you may be experiencing mold issues around your windows and sills. Some of the major contributors to this are: 

  • Constant exposure to a moist climate and high humidity
  • Loose windows that allow the moisture, and mold, to travel
  • The crevices and corners of windows and sills make it difficult for moisture to evaporate
  • Window tracks collect dust and other particulars that contribute to mold growth

In order to safely and properly address this problem, it’s always recommended that you seek out professionals who have experience cleaning moldy windows. Here are a few ways that experienced cleaners can help keep those windows clear and clean, so you can get back to enjoying that beautiful view:

  • Proper cleaning of residential and commercial windows using professional-grade equipment
  • Regular servicing of ledges, tracks, and sills to prevent dust and mold collection
  • Thoroughly cleaning window screens that can trap dirt, dust, and other particles

If you want to find out more about how regularly cleaning moldy windows can help restore your residential or commercial exterior, reach out to LA Prestige today. We’ve been working for nearly a decade in the LA area, providing professional services to home and business owners alike!