Cleaning Third Story Windows Safely and Efficiently

open living area in LA house

Windows are what brings a house to life. Needless to say, the benefits of good ventilation and ample sun are unparalleled. But what happens when beautiful windows are covered with dust, pollution, and grime? What happens when the view from inside your home is obstructed, preventing clean air and sunlight from entering it? This is where professional window cleaning comes in handy.

Be Careful When Cleaning Hard to Reach Windows

Hire professional window cleaning services to clean those hard to reach areas.

Cleaning third story windows is no easy feat and requires meticulous planning for ideal execution. One needs to consider one’s safety, assess the height of the windows, weather forecast, and look for special equipment to properly clean the windows. Also, you might have to clear the area around the windows, like insect screens, or anything which hinders your access to the window panes and frames. Most importantly, you will require a ladder or an extension pole for cleaning third story windows. 

Professional Residential Cleaning Third Story Windows

Although everyone wants streak-free windows, we realize not everyone can climb a pole or a ladder. Instead, hire professionals for cleaning third story windows safely and save up on time and energy, while guaranteeing your safety. With a water-fed cleaning process through a 40ft deionized water-fed pole, we will clean your high windows from the ground up, as the extension poles can go up to the fourth floor or even higher. If required, we can send rope access window cleaning teams. The point is, we will take care of the job from start to finish, so you don’t have to do the dirty work, like literally!

To discover the exclusive services LA Prestige has to offer, contact us today. We can transform your windows and screens, and provide your home with a much needed upgrade and appearance.