Clean Screens and Tracks to Reduce Seasonal Allergies


Door and window screens do a lot more than just allow air inside. The mesh on clean screens acts as a filter to trap pollen and keep it from entering the home. In addition, window and door screens can filter out dirt and allergenic pollen. A homeowner constantly battling seasonal allergies will do well with these screens.

How Do Clean Screens Help Keep Seasonal Allergies at Bay?

outdoor entry of a house
Keep seasonal allergies at bay with clean screens.

Most high-quality screen manufacturers use innovative materials to develop door and window screens that perform excellently to improve the air in someone’s home. The good-quality screen has nylon-based meshes that help trap pollen and keep it outside the house.

However, not all screens can keep pollen particles out. Also, remember that you’ll need to regularly clean your window and door screens if you want them to work properly. A clean screen will effectively reduce seasonal allergies.

How to Create a Pollen-Free Environment

  •  Upgrade central air filters- All central air filtration systems have disposable filter features. However, some do better at capturing pollen and dirt particles than others. Replace your primary air filter with more effective models if you want to capture outdoor and indoor pollutants.
  • Use HEPA air purifiers- A HEPA air purifier is way better than even the most effective air filtration system as far as capturing pollen and dirt particles in indoor environments is concerned. These purifiers can remove over 95% of pollen from the air it purifies and do this ten times every hour.
  • Wash your hands frequently- Hand washing is a great way to help reduce seasonal allergies. In addition, it helps reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

If you’re looking for top-quality door and window screens that help reduce seasonal allergies, contact us for more information on how we can help and all our services.