Cleaning your windows doesn’t seem like it would be that complicated, but it can get pretty tricky when you add things like hard water stains and paint splatters to the mix. Fortunately, there are ways to remove these things from your windows without damaging your glass or spending all day scrubbing at the stains with harsh chemicals. If you’re looking to clean up your windows and make them look as good as new, then hiring a professional window washing company like LA Prestige is the way to go!

What Are Hard Water Stains

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A professional window cleaning service helps maintain the look and function of your residential or commercial windows.

Hard water stains on windows are often made of minerals such as calcium. The hard water stains form when the water evaporates, leaving behind the minerals. The best way to remove hard water stains from windows is by using a solution of one cup distilled white vinegar with two cups warm water. Spray the solution on the window, then wipe it off with a wet sponge or cloth.

Why They Appear

Hard water stains are caused by sprinklers, kids with a hose when washing cars, or water sprays on windows. These can leave minerals behind as water evaporates. The minerals will form into an ugly stain if not taken care of. Paint can easily splatter onto windows from DIY paint projects. When you try to remove the paint with thinner, it will only spread the paint around.

Hire Professionals With the Right Cleaning Solutions and Equipment

Homeowners typically have two options when it comes to hard water stain removal from windows. They can either try to clean the windows themselves or hire a professional. Many people try cleaning windows at home, but they often end up scratching or damaging the glass in the process. Plus, deionized water doesn’t leave any streaks or mineral spots behind like some of the other options on the market. Professionals who work with cutting-edge equipment and the right chemicals can reach difficult to reach areas. Window cleaning is more than just reaching high places – sometimes, you need an expert!

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