Of all the maintenance tasks that home and business owners forget to regularly conduct, window cleaning sits near the top of the list. Unless there are obvious imperfections or marks on the pane of glass, most people put the task off until next “someday.” Unfortunately, this can negatively impact more than just the aesthetic look of your building. 

bathroom with windows
A professional window cleaning service helps maintain the look and function of your residential or commercial windows.

Dirty windows and sills can cause plenty of downstream effects, including issues with mold, permanent damage to glass panes, and even compromised seals. Depending on the surrounding area, there may be additional factors that contribute to window damage. That’s why investing in a professional window cleaning service that services your building on a regular basis is so important. 

Scheduling Professional Window Cleaning

Depending on whether you are the owner of a residential or commercial building, the ideal schedule for your cleaning crew will vary. 

Most homeowners choose to have their windows cleaned twice a year. That allows for all windows, sills, tracks, and ledges to be thoroughly cleaned of dust, dirt, mold, and any other debris. However, if you live in a heavily treed area, where pollen and sap can make windows even dirtier, you may require additional professional window cleaning

Businesses are a different story. Because they are in higher-traffic areas and see a much higher volume of visitors, the importance of keeping clean windows is even greater for commercial buildings. If you own a business, keeping your store or office front in order has a direct impact on the success of your operations. Given the increased likelihood of dirty windows and the elevated importance of keeping them clean, professional window cleaning for commercial properties should occur on a more regular basis. 

If you’re looking for a Los Angeles-based company to professionally clean your commercial or residential windows, reach out to LA Prestige today. For over a decade, we’ve provided our clients with quality results and impeccable customer service. 

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