Your windows will take their fair share of batterings throughout the year. While they keep protecting you from harsh weather elements, they do so by absorbing the snow, rain, hail, and more that occurs throughout the year. It’s advised that you regularly maintain your windows, whether they are regular blinds or are covered with mesh. 

But, how often should you deep clean your windows so it maintains a good shine while continuing to keep you safe from bad weather or from pests trying to enter your space, potentially leaving messes as they do so? Here’s a rule of thumb to deep clean your windows.

Windows Should be Deep Cleaned at Least Every Quarter

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When is the best time to deep clean your windows?

It’s recommended that your windows and drapes are deep cleaned every three to six months to eliminate any grime or residue. For blinds and woodwork, wiping and dusting should take place every three months. So, when the winter has just concluded, and it looks like the worst of the weather has subsided, make window cleaning one of the first things you add to your spring cleaning list. 

You can use a hose to do the cleaning and/or wipe it down with cleaning materials, particularly natural cleaning materials, to get rid of the muck on your windows. 

Why You Should Let Professionals Handle the Job

While you can do your own handiwork to try and remove the grime on your window, the professionals are best suited for the job. It’s wise to invest in people who know how to clean every crevice of your window, ensuring that it looks and performs the way it’s supposed to. 

It saves time to hire professionals as you can focus on other important things. Plus, professionals will put in the full effort and do the best job to ensure your windows will be in the best shape possible.  

The next time you think to deep clean your windows, take a look at our services and contact us to get the best possible job done on your windows. 

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