Inside and outside windows that are difficult to clean can be frustrating. With cleaning hard to reach windows, you need more than just a lot of elbow grease. The right materials, smart approaches, and precision are needed to clean these types of windows, so you can spend the least amount of time dealing with them. 

What do you need to clean those hard to reach and oddly shaped windows? What are the hardest styles of windows to clean? Here are some quick tips on how to clean hard to reach windows efficiently.  

Sliding Windows are Especially Hard to Reach 

glass outer wall on a LA house

Any windows that slide horizontally will be among the hardest to clean for anyone, whether at an apartment building or a home. When you slide it to one side and clean the window, it’s difficult to clean the other window. The best approach to this is to take the window out of the frame before cleaning it and replacing it. 

Things You Can Use to Clean Hard to Reach Windows 

A quick fix method to clean hard to reach windows is using a hose to give such windows good spraying. The only drawback with this method is that it may leave watermarks on the windows. And, it’s more advisable for outside windows rather than indoor ones. 

A squeegee is a more reliable item to use, preferably one with an extended arm. The arm should be strong enough so that you don’t have to press too hard when removing dirt off the windows. Have a big bucket of water and window cleaner with you, and the squeegee will do the job handily without leaving marks or compromising the quality of the window you’re cleaning. 

Hire professionals with the right equipment for the job. Take a look at our services and contact us right away to clean those hard to reach windows in your building. 

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