With all the beautiful weather we get here in sunny Los Angeles, there are a few minor drawbacks. Chief among these is the tendency for mold to grow on windows and window sills. Unfortunately, the moisture we get here, mixed with that temperate climate we love so much, helps various strains get a foothold on the exterior features of homes and businesses. That results in mold around the edges of windows, screens, and sills.

Weather Elements Affect Your Windows

a professional residential and commercial window cleaning service can help you with effectively cleaning moldy windows and sills

The quality and location of your window installation, and the type of window itself, can exacerbate issues with mold growth. From loose fixtures to particularly humid environments, there are many reasons why you may be experiencing mold issues around your windows and sills. Some of the major contributors to this are: 

  • Constant exposure to a moist climate and high humidity
  • Loose windows that allow the moisture, and mold, to travel
  • The crevices and corners of windows and sills make it difficult for moisture to evaporate
  • Window tracks collect dust and other particulars that contribute to mold growth

In order to safely and properly address this problem, it’s always recommended that you seek out professionals who have experience cleaning moldy windows. Here are a few ways that experienced cleaners can help keep those windows clear and clean, so you can get back to enjoying that beautiful view:

  • Proper cleaning of residential and commercial windows using professional-grade equipment
  • Regular servicing of ledges, tracks, and sills to prevent dust and mold collection
  • Thoroughly cleaning window screens that can trap dirt, dust, and other particles

If you want to find out more about how regularly cleaning moldy windows can help restore your residential or commercial exterior, reach out to LA Prestige today. We’ve been working for nearly a decade in the LA area, providing professional services to home and business owners alike!

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