What is the importance of a clean window screen?  Most people have heard about how keeping your windows clean is essential for various reasons. Keeping a clean window generally improves the aesthetic of your business or your home and even enhances the outlook and the appeal of the windows. Clean windows are generally looked at as a sign of a well-maintained store or home. But where do clean window screens fit in?

It’s important to know that clean window screens are just as essential to improving your indoor air quality. Yes, you read that right. In a busy city like Los Angeles, different types of dirt and bacteria tend to build up on your window screens.

Even during winters, a city like LA tends to be rainy on and off throughout the day and parts of the night. The wet window screen then attracts a plethora of bacteria and dirt that breezes through your home when it’s not raining.

bathroom with windows
A professional window cleaning service helps maintain the look and function of your residential window screens.

Even if you talk about other seasons like spring and summer, the city tends to be even more polluted, dusty, and have bad air quality overall. A clean window screen ensures that the dirt and dust are being blocked out properly and not constantly entering your home.

How Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health?

Indoor air pollution is not a joke. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean that you’re safe from outdoor pollution. Especially if you have a dirty window screen, being indoors is just as dangerous as breathing in the pollution outdoors. Gases like nitrogen dioxide, radon, car smoke, secondhand cigarette smoke, and even carbon monoxide from other homes, can enter your homes through a dirty window screen.

These pollutants then cause skin problems, respiratory problems, and even eye infections. Keeping a clean window screen helps to block the pollutants efficiently.

To ensure that those clean window screens stay pristine, check out the window cleaning services we provide and contact us for a professional consultation on your window cleaning needs.

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