Cleaning Third Story Windows Safely and Efficiently

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Windows are what brings a house to life. Needless to say, the benefits of good ventilation and ample sun are unparalleled. But what happens when beautiful windows are covered with dust, pollution, and grime? What happens when the view from inside your home is obstructed, preventing clean air and sunlight from entering it? This is where professional window cleaning comes in handy.

Be Careful When Cleaning Hard to Reach Windows

Hire professional window cleaning services to clean those hard to reach areas.

Cleaning third story windows is no easy feat and requires meticulous planning for ideal execution. One needs to consider one’s safety, assess the height of the windows, weather forecast, and look for special equipment to properly clean the windows. Also, you might have to clear the area around the windows, like insect screens, or anything which hinders your access to the window panes and frames. Most importantly, you will require a ladder or an extension pole for cleaning third story windows. 

Professional Residential Cleaning Third Story Windows

Although everyone wants streak-free windows, we realize not everyone can climb a pole or a ladder. Instead, hire professionals for cleaning third story windows safely and save up on time and energy, while guaranteeing your safety. With a water-fed cleaning process through a 40ft deionized water-fed pole, we will clean your high windows from the ground up, as the extension poles can go up to the fourth floor or even higher. If required, we can send rope access window cleaning teams. The point is, we will take care of the job from start to finish, so you don’t have to do the dirty work, like literally!

To discover the exclusive services LA Prestige has to offer, contact us today. We can transform your windows and screens, and provide your home with a much needed upgrade and appearance. 

Removing Soot and Ash From Windows and Screens


Be it an unfortunate case of a house fire, or simply a chimney or fireplace sending out signals that your house needs a deep cleaning, there is no reason one should let soot rot windows, screens, or any part of a home. Sometimes soot and ash inhabit a home even without a fireplace. If gone unnoticed, it can cause extreme damage to various parts of the home.

Smoke and Ash Residue From California Wildfires

Harmful soot and ash can cause health problems, so hire a professional before cleaning.

Extreme temperatures, less rainfall, drier conditions, and heat contribute to poor air quality. So naturally, homes in LA struggle with keeping their exterior clean. Consequently, more serious measures will have to be taken for removing soot and ash from windows and screens for LA properties. If not removed immediately, soot poses a serious threat to human health besides discoloring the walls, ceilings, windows, and screens of a home. Since removing soot and ash from windows and screens can cause skin, lung, and skin dangers without professional techniques and equipment, it is best to hire a professional to take care of the cleaning. Professional cleaning teams have adequate tools, expertise, and know-how to clean soot and ash off a home while preventing residues and stains. 

How to Remove Soot and Ash From Window Screens

Removing soot and ash from windows and screens or any surface is undoubtedly challenging and tedious. But assigning this task to professional cleaning teams will have you thank your stars! They usually resort to methods like using rubbers and squeegees with a stable rubber blade, dishwashing liquid, gallons of water, and voila! Your windows will not be subjected to any complicated tools or harsh detergents, and they will provide clean and streak-free windows in no time!

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Clean Windows Make Great Impression on Building Tenants

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When a tenant moves into a building, they move in with a carriage full of dreams. They are looking for a place that can shed light on new ideas and shelter them from the outside world. While they are admiring the infrastructure and placement of your building, they are also silently being influenced by its well-lit openness; this is exactly where clean windows play a vital part.

A Well-Maintained Building Opens Doors to Inward Prosperity

colleagues discussing
Brightly lit spaces positively affect employees’ productivity and creativity.

Or should we say opens windows? Clean windows are an integral part of properly maintained, hygienic building premises. This cleanliness is very important to your tenants as:

·         Their image depends on your maintenance. Therefore they will flock towards buildings with a great outer and inner appearance

·         Their employees need a bright, homely atmosphere

·         Cleanliness keeps your occupants physically and mentally healthy

Therefore, your clean office windows will definitely attract better tenants who will be willing to pay more for your services! In turn, affluent tenants will be better for your own branding as one company’s success will bring to your doorstep another.

Professional Cleaning Services Will Scrub Your Reputation Back to its Original Shine

It is virtually impossible to clean windows without professional help. It is important as a building owner to extract from limitless available services the one that:

·         Does the work done in the shortest time

·         Make your tenants happy with their punctual routinely cleaning

·         Take care of the whole place with zero damage caused

·         Manage to get the cleaning done without disturbing any of your tenants on their grind

·         They are prepared for all situations once you hire them.

·         Small buildings or big, all open up great windows, so we must all let the light keep shining upon us.

Contact LA Prestige to surprise your tenants with clean windows and spotless service!

Clean Smoke Off Windows with Professional Window Cleaning

When renovating a home, you should use a damp sponge or cloth to clean dust collected on a window sill, as the dust may contain asbestos or lead-based paint. Home maintenance is an ongoing process for any homeowner, and here we see an African- American woman who’d taken a damp sponge to her window’s frame, in order to remove accumulated dust particulates. Note how the homeowner had donned a pair of waterproof gloves, a facemask, and a pair of goggles, prior to beginning this task.

Professional window cleaning may cost you additional money, but it is a service you must get if you live in California. This service helps save your time and conserve your energy, in addition to the special perks you get from professional cleaning companies.  

Living in California: The Effect of Fires

Smoke billows from forest fire in Florida.
The fire season produces a lot of smoke that forms residue on your windows.

The fire season is the reality of everyone in California. Depending on your location, you may have fewer fires. Nonetheless, you still need to deal with the aftermath of these fires. The smoke from the fires hurts your health since it affects your lungs. Carbon dioxide is one of the products present in smoke that harms your health. 

Chemical irritants such as chlorine, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide may also be present in the smoke, and this can affect your respiratory tract.  If you’re able to protect your body from the effects of smoke, it is often difficult to prevent the residue from the smoke from accumulating on your windows. To get rid of these residues, professional window cleaning is necessary. 

Why Pick Professional Window Cleaning Services

Professional window cleaning services are always the best option to clean smoke off windows. There are several reasons why you should use a professional residential window cleaning service, and they include the following: 

  • Use of High-Quality Products and Tools: Professional window cleaning companies have the expertise and knowledge of the right products they need to use for an excellent job. This combination ensures that they remove the smoke residues and avoid leaving streaks after the cleaning job. 
  • To Save Time: Doing a perfect cleaning job the first time saves you a lot of time, which is what professional cleaning companies provide. You can spend your time performing other essential activities while you leave your windows to the experts. 
  • Safety: There are many risks associated with window cleaning. There is the risk of getting injured from damaged glass or falling from a ladder. With professional cleaners, you can avoid these risks. 

Contact LA Prestige today for your professional window cleaning services at the most affordable prices!

Start the New Year Off with Clean Windows

outdoor entry of a house

Entering a new year is always great, especially if you have a New Years resolution. Why not make it one of your resolutions to start the year with clean windows? There are several benefits of having clean windows, and here are some of the most important benefits.

Boost Your Curb Appeal With Clean Windows

view towards a window
Clean windows boost the lifespan of the glass.

Do you have plans to sell your home soon? Or are you expecting new neighbors? How do you make a great first impression? An excellent curb appeal is all you need to make an excellent first impression when people come to your home. To achieve a high curb appeal, having clean windows will work wonders. 

Clean windows boost the lifespan of the glass, which is something potential buyers will consider when making a choice. No one wants to purchase a home with windows that need to be replaced within a short period of time. 

Boost Your Energy Levels and Get a Brighter Interior With Clean Windows 

Dirty windows have a significant impact on the natural light entering a building. Smudges and streaks on a window prevent proper sunlight penetration into the home, and cause poor visibility. The simplest way to cover up these dirty windows is to mount curtains over them. With curtains over your windows, you block out the sunlight and prevent yourself from getting excellent views you want to see. 

Having clean windows is the simplest way to solve these problems. You can get a brighter and cleaner home with more sunlight coming in.  To keep you energized throughout the year and improve your mood when you’re down, getting the opportunity to view nature at its finest is essential. Clean windows make this a reality in the home. 

Contact LA Prestige and let our team of window cleaning experts get you clean windows at affordable prices!

Clean Window Screens To Improve Indoor Air Quality


What is the importance of a clean window screen?  Most people have heard about how keeping your windows clean is essential for various reasons. Keeping a clean window generally improves the aesthetic of your business or your home and even enhances the outlook and the appeal of the windows. Clean windows are generally looked at as a sign of a well-maintained store or home. But where do clean window screens fit in?

It’s important to know that clean window screens are just as essential to improving your indoor air quality. Yes, you read that right. In a busy city like Los Angeles, different types of dirt and bacteria tend to build up on your window screens.

Even during winters, a city like LA tends to be rainy on and off throughout the day and parts of the night. The wet window screen then attracts a plethora of bacteria and dirt that breezes through your home when it’s not raining.

bathroom with windows
A professional window cleaning service helps maintain the look and function of your residential window screens.

Even if you talk about other seasons like spring and summer, the city tends to be even more polluted, dusty, and have bad air quality overall. A clean window screen ensures that the dirt and dust are being blocked out properly and not constantly entering your home.

How Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Affect Your Health?

Indoor air pollution is not a joke. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean that you’re safe from outdoor pollution. Especially if you have a dirty window screen, being indoors is just as dangerous as breathing in the pollution outdoors. Gases like nitrogen dioxide, radon, car smoke, secondhand cigarette smoke, and even carbon monoxide from other homes, can enter your homes through a dirty window screen.

These pollutants then cause skin problems, respiratory problems, and even eye infections. Keeping a clean window screen helps to block the pollutants efficiently.

To ensure that those clean window screens stay pristine, check out the window cleaning services we provide and contact us for a professional consultation on your window cleaning needs.

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaning Services for Your Retail Shop During Holidays

clean windows on a commercial building

The holiday season is upon us; in fact, it is here already. If you own a store or a café, you inevitably have a storefront. There is no doubt that you need professional cleaning for windows. But whether it is the holiday season or not, professional window cleaning is a big part of keeping a maintained look for your store or café. However, despite being such an essential part of having and maintaining a storefront, cleaning the windows by yourself or having a staff member do it can be quite dangerous, especially during the winter season.

Here is why you should be hiring a professional window cleaning company this holiday season:

Reason #1: It Gets Customers Inside

glass facade
As a retailer, find out why you must hire a professional cleaning company and save costs.

Whenever you walk down the street during the holiday season, what is the most inviting thing about a store that makes you want to go inside? Then you know what we’re talking about here. One of the essential parts of maintaining a holiday spirit in your store is having festive graphics or lighting on your windows and doors. This holiday season, make sure that the customers can see all the goods you’ve displayed inside – hire a professional window cleaning company.

Reason #2: Professional Window Cleaning Helps Lower Those Heating Costs

Believe it or not, having your windows cleaned in the winter season decreases your heating costs by a whole lot. How? The grime on a dirty window tends to block out the sunlight from coming inside your store. By preventing the sun rays from getting inside, you end up using your furnace more often, hence, increasing your heating costs. A thorough and professional window cleaning ensures lower heating costs.

Reason #3: Helps Increase Your Window Health

Even in LA, there is a bit of rain in the winter. This causes dirt and grime from busy LA streets to stick to your office windows. The dirt and rain can affect the longevity of your windows. However, If you keep your window consistently clean, you can save yourself some significant damage in the long run. 

Find out all the services that LA Prestige Window Cleaning offers. And once you’ve scrolled through and decided which services you would like to opt for, contact us here for a consultation.

Window Cleaning Problems You Avoid with Professionals

window cleaning

Professional window cleaning is an activity that you need to keep up with on a regular basis. If you neglect it, your windows will get dirty, and you will eventually suffer with window cleaning problems. And the worst thing is that if you cannot clean your windows regularly, your neighbors will start talking about it.

Professionals Get the Job Done From Start to Finish

Even a screen can become an obstacle when it comes to window cleaning.

Inexperienced people often do not know how to deal with window cleaning problems. When this happens, they eventually give up on the idea of cleaning their windows. However, if you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your windows will be clean and any problems resolved. This is because professionals get the job done — streaks and tricky-to-reach spots are no longer a problem. If you hire a professional, you will be able to avoid window cleaning problems like this. You can have crystal clear windows for less money than you may think.

Professionals are well equipped to remove dirt, grime, and calcium deposits from the outside of your windows. If you have ever tried to do this yourself, you know how challenging it can be without the proper equipment. This is why hiring professional window cleaners will save you time and money in the long run!

Professionals Get Down on Their Hands and Knees

It is not uncommon for inexperienced people to skip corners when cleaning their windows. Sure, windows are often quite tall, but if a professional wants yours sparkling clean, they will get down on their hands and knees to remove spots from hard-to-reach places. This may seem like an inconvenience at first, but once you see your windows sparkle after a professional’s visit, you will realize that this extra step was necessary. Many homeowners struggle with getting their windows just right.  

Contact LA Prestige today to solve all your window cleaning problems. 

Window Cleaning Equipment

When renovating a home, you should use a damp sponge or cloth to clean dust collected on a window sill, as the dust may contain asbestos or lead-based paint. Home maintenance is an ongoing process for any homeowner, and here we see an African- American woman who’d taken a damp sponge to her window’s frame, in order to remove accumulated dust particulates. Note how the homeowner had donned a pair of waterproof gloves, a facemask, and a pair of goggles, prior to beginning this task.

Window cleaning companies and contractors must be equipped to properly clean and prepare all types of windows, even those with complicated features such as double or triple glazed glass. In addition, the window cleaning equipment they use should be powerful enough to reach those hard-to-reach areas effectively.

Window Cleaning Equipment for the Pros: Can the Average Joe Cut It?

Window cleaners must use the proper tools to clean windows properly without harming themselves or the customer’s property.

Unless you have been living under a rock, the chances are that you have seen window cleaners working from a ladder and wearing harnesses (it is against the law to perform commercial window cleaning without wearing a harness – but that’s another story).

When it comes to professional window cleaning, ladders are not the norm. The tools to clean windows have come a long way since the days when they were mainly aluminum ladders with *gulp* suction pads on them. Ladders are dangerous, require storage space, and often cannot reach beyond the fourth floor. For this reason, professionals rely mostly on water-fed pole systems or boom lifts for their work. 

For the average homeowner, this is excellent news as it would be very costly and time-consuming if you had to take time out of work for window cleaning appointments. The pros are also credible window cleaners because they have multiple years of experience under their belt. They know how to clean windows safely and effectively. 

Window cleaners typically use several tools for their job. These tools include extension poles, safety gear, and the correct cleaning solutions. 

Professional Window Cleaning Equipment for the Win

Professional window cleaning equipment can make windows appear brand new.  But there are so many options available for professionals; how does one choose the best equipment?

If you are looking for window cleaning services, contact LA Prestige, and you will not be disappointed.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Windows?

When renovating a home, you should use a damp sponge or cloth to clean dust collected on a window sill, as the dust may contain asbestos or lead-based paint. Home maintenance is an ongoing process for any homeowner, and here we see an African- American woman who’d taken a damp sponge to her window’s frame, in order to remove accumulated dust particulates. Note how the homeowner had donned a pair of waterproof gloves, a facemask, and a pair of goggles, prior to beginning this task.

Your windows will take their fair share of batterings throughout the year. While they keep protecting you from harsh weather elements, they do so by absorbing the snow, rain, hail, and more that occurs throughout the year. It’s advised that you regularly maintain your windows, whether they are regular blinds or are covered with mesh. 

But, how often should you deep clean your windows so it maintains a good shine while continuing to keep you safe from bad weather or from pests trying to enter your space, potentially leaving messes as they do so? Here’s a rule of thumb to deep clean your windows.

Windows Should be Deep Cleaned at Least Every Quarter

people walking on blue and white concrete building during daytime
When is the best time to deep clean your windows?

It’s recommended that your windows and drapes are deep cleaned every three to six months to eliminate any grime or residue. For blinds and woodwork, wiping and dusting should take place every three months. So, when the winter has just concluded, and it looks like the worst of the weather has subsided, make window cleaning one of the first things you add to your spring cleaning list. 

You can use a hose to do the cleaning and/or wipe it down with cleaning materials, particularly natural cleaning materials, to get rid of the muck on your windows. 

Why You Should Let Professionals Handle the Job

While you can do your own handiwork to try and remove the grime on your window, the professionals are best suited for the job. It’s wise to invest in people who know how to clean every crevice of your window, ensuring that it looks and performs the way it’s supposed to. 

It saves time to hire professionals as you can focus on other important things. Plus, professionals will put in the full effort and do the best job to ensure your windows will be in the best shape possible.  

The next time you think to deep clean your windows, take a look at our services and contact us to get the best possible job done on your windows.