Window Cleaning is the One Chore We Keep Putting Off

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Clean windows enhance the brightness of your residence or business and contribute to a more welcoming atmosphere. Why then don’t we clean our windows regularly if the result is so dramatic? Cleaning windows is strenuous work, which requires considerable time. And these surfaces become smudgy, dirty, and sticky gradually. We don’t see this until a significant amount of grime has accumulated, by which point it’s difficult to remove.

As mentioned, window cleaning is intensive, manual work that can be risky. Windows that are difficult to access require specialized cleaning equipment. Without the proper materials, a buildup of grease, minerals, and pollutants are difficult to remove. There is more to window cleaning than streak-free glass; tracks and screens need washing for the best results. Professionals complete tasks more efficiently and effectively!

Why Clean Windows Matter on Commercial Premises

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You just have one chance to make a good first impression on customers, and clean windowpanes are aesthetically appealing.

Your business’s exterior is a critical investment. The majority of people form their opinions about you solely based on how the structure looks from the outside. As you take care of the internal and exterior systems of your commercial premises, you should also take care of the windows’ condition and cleanliness.

You have one chance to make a good first impression on customers, and it’s important to remember that clean windowpanes are aesthetically appealing. Customers may be deterred from entering your property if the building has dingy, grimy, and dirty windows. This means you lose clients before they get an opportunity to evaluate your products or services.

Benefits of Professional Window Cleaning

It is important to understand the advantages of employing licensed, professional window cleaning experts. There are several reasons to get your commercial structure’s windows cleaned on a regular basis, including the following:

1. Allows More Light to Enter the Indoor Spaces

Clean windows allow natural light to filter into the indoor areas of your building. You will note the following benefits from a brighter, more sanitary environment:

  • Clearer views from the inside
  • Clients and consumers will have a more favorable first opinion of you and your business
  • Staff productivity will increase due to improved focus
  • Enhances curb appeal

When you hire certified professionals, they can remove any fingerprints, smudges, or grime residue from the windows. This is advantageous in a variety of ways:

2. Saves Your Housekeeping Staff Some Time

Internal housekeeping should prioritize urgent cleaning issues. Attending to windows is a waste of time since they are responsible for various janitorial duties. Additionally, window cleaning involves more than just wiping the panes down with a soap and water solution.

Individuals without expertise in these tasks can cause damage to the windows of your property. Opting for professional window cleaning is important, as is delegating all interior cleaning tasks to the housekeeping staff. Hiring professionals will ensure that all of the windows are impeccably clean.

3. Increases the Windows’ Lifespan

Eventually, dirt and grime can etch the glass surfaces, resulting in irreversible damage. These marks may cause the panes to deteriorate, and you may see scrape marks or small cracks appearing on them. When you hire a reputable firm to clean your commercial windows, they will use advanced cleaning equipment and techniques. This ensures that the windows remain clean and in good condition for a number of years. When you work with experts like us at LA Prestige Window Cleaning, you will get the best results. Contact us today to learn more about our customized commercial window cleaning services.

Professional Window Cleaning for Spring

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Commercial buildings have many windows, and most of them are inaccessible. Getting them cleaned might seem like a big task. However, cleaning your property’s windows is more important than you might think.

It gives your place a more welcoming and professional feel. Your staff members and clients will feel more comfortable and welcome in spaces that have clean and smudge-free windows.  Dirty windows may also have adverse health effects on your customers and employees.

This makes maintaining your property windows an essential aspect of your business. The rain showers in April bring in a lot of mud and dirt, which gets splattered all over your windows. If you defer cleaning the windowpanes, the stains can become stubborn and tough to remove. You can contact a professional window cleaning company to make your windows spotless again.

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Maintaining your property windows is an essential aspect of any successful business.

Why You Should Opt for Spring Window Cleaning

There are many reasons to get your windows cleaned in spring:

  • Windows are kept open during springtime the most, so there will be some pollution and dust in the air, which is why they need a thorough cleaning during this time.
  • The dust also tends to make the window tracks rough; getting them cleaned will prevent them from rusting and being damaged.
  • Getting professional window cleaning done will help your building get more natural light and provide you with proper functioning windows.

 Hire Professionals for Window Cleaning

While it may seem like you can handle window cleaning yourself, its best to hire professionals because it will:

  • Boost Business – Professional window cleaning services will help better the view from your property. It will make the space more dynamic and cheerful.
  • Prevent Damage – Pollution, dirt, and dust will automatically damage your windows. It can lead to stains on your glass as well. The process of replacing commercial building windows is a time-consuming, expensive process. You can easily avoid this inconvenience and expense by having professional cleaners on board to complete the task.
  • Better Hygiene – Dirt and other pollutants build up on the window surfaces over time and ultimately affect the indoor air quality. Inhaling this air can result in various health issues for you and your employees. This impure air also causes respiratory problems like asthma.

Sometimes, grease and smudges on windows bring in more bacteria and pests. When you opt for the services of a professional window cleaning company like us, we will analyze and disinfect the entire space for you. This prevents germs and pests from spreading in your workspace. We have the proper knowledge and the tools for the job. Contact us at LA Prestige Window Cleaning for high-quality commercial window cleaning services.

Make a Great First Impression on Customers With Clean Windows

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The exterior of your business is a vital investment. Most customers shape their views about you based exclusively on how the building appears from the outside. As much as you keep the interior and exterior structures of your commercial property in good order, you should also pay attention to the quality and cleanliness of the windows. You only have one opportunity to make a positive first impression on consumers, and clean windows are pleasing to the eye.

Why Does Your Business Require Clean Windows?

Customers can be put-off if the commercial structure has dingy, grimy, and filthy walls. It means you lose customers before someone gets a chance to decide whether your goods or services are acceptable. It is vital to recognize the benefits of hiring licensed certified window-cleaning professionals. There are many reasons to get your company windows washed on a frequent basis, including:

1. Allows More Light to Enter

Clean windows allow natural light to enter your building. With a brighter and more sanitary atmosphere, you will see the following benefits:

  • Clients and customers will have a better first impression of you and your business
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Improved employee productivity as a result of increased focus
  • Greater curb appeal
We are ready to take your cleaning project.

When you employ licensed specialists, they can clear any stains, smudges, and grime buildup from the walls. This will benefit you in a number of ways:

2. Saves Your Cleaning Staff Some Time

Internal housekeeping should devote their resources to urgent problems. Cleaning windows can be a waste of time for housekeeping, as they are responsible for janitorial tasks that can be more crucial. Furthermore, wiping windows entails more than just scrubbing them with a solution of water and some soap.

People who lack experience in such tasks can end up causing damage to your property’s windows. It is important to contract skilled commercial window cleaning providers to do this work and to delegate all interior cleaning duties to the housekeeping employees. Professionals will make sure that all of your property’s windows are spotless.

3. Extends the Life of Your Windows

Dirt and debris will eventually etch the glass, causing permanent damage. These markings can deteriorate the panes, and result in cracks or scraping. When you employ a well-established company’s commercial window cleaning services, they will use high-quality cleaning tools and techniques. This guarantees that the windows stay clean for several years. When you hire professionals like us at LA Prestige Window Cleaning, you are assured of the best results. Contact us for the best commercial window cleaning services.

Avoid Risks and Personal Injuries When Cleaning Three Story Commercial Buildings

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Every commercial business owner and manager needs to ensure that their premises are clean and maintained well at all times. Today, most structures have a significant amount of glass windows on the exterior, making it necessary to keep these features as clean as possible. After all, they are some of the most visible aspects of your commercial building. 

Sometimes, owners of businesses located in shorter multi-story structures feel that they would be able to tackle this job on their own. Most ask their internal housekeeping staff members to tackle windowpane cleaning. However, this is not a good option. 

Keeping these surfaces streak and smudge-free involves climbing up tall ladders. Sometimes, certain windows could be out of reach, making it very risky to clean them. You probably do not have the necessary safety equipment needed to carry out this job with minimal risk of injuries. 

view towards a window
3 or more story window cleaning requires expertise, equipment and safety gear.

Why Hire Window Cleaning Professionals?

There are several reasons to hire professionals for all your window cleaning needs, such as:

  • When you hire the services of professionals for 3 story window cleaning, you can be sure that they will tackle the job correctly. 
  • They will also use all the necessary safety measures and equipment in their work. The technician will use extension ladders where required to reach windows on the upper stories of the structure.
  • Using improper cleaning techniques can affect the condition of the glass. Sometimes, if there is a thick layer of dust and dirt on the exterior surfaces of glass windows, rough cleaning can damage the windowpanes, affecting visibility. 
  • Experts that offer these services are well-trained and do a thorough job. They will clean the windowpanes, sills, and tracks in a detailed manner. 
  • You can opt for contractual services where 3 story window cleaning professionals will come in at specific intervals to ensure that your windows are cleaned at all times.
  • A credible and well-established company will also have the required insurance coverage, which provides them the protection they need while handling this risky task. Hiring them is a better option than trying to handle the job yourself for hiring an inexperienced handyman or housekeeping staff for this job.

For more information on our services, feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with our knowledgeable team. They will understand what you are specific requirements are and will create 3 story window cleaning plans that will be best suited for your property.

Invite More Potential Home Buyers With Crystal Clean Windows

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Your home should be in the best shape before you list it on the market if you want the quickest sale at the best price. That means uplifting the interiors and the exteriors, so the property is appealing and has excellent curb appeal.

Major upgrades might not be worth the overall investment if you can’t recoup the money at the point of sale.  However, simple, inexpensive updates like window cleaning that make your home look bright, cheery, and clean can also provide an excellent return on investment.

Frequent cleaning enhances your windows´ efficiency and extends their lifespan.

Hire Professional Window Cleaners

While you can clean the windows yourself, its best to hire window cleaning professionals for the task because:

  • Clean windows help improve the exterior appearance of your home, and buyers will be more inclined to walk in and look around.
  • Clean and streak-free windows let in much more natural light, and that’s something many potential buyers look for. Smudgy and dusty window panes can impact the amount of light filtering through into the indoors, making them look dull and drab. That can affect how quickly your place sells. Professionals have the required training and tools to remove all stubborn smudges and dirt so that you have clean and sparkling windows.
  • Even after potential buyers look at a home they’re interested in from outside the home; they will also want to be sure that the interiors are as attractive and bright. Clean windows will also provide a clear view of the outdoors, and showcasing the beauty of these spaces is important. Since windows have grooves and ledges around the frame and glass, dirt and dust tend to accumulate in them.

When you hire professional window cleaning services, the experts also clean the tracks and windowsills, helping the windows open and shut smoothly. Potential buyers typically do some random checks to see whether these features are working properly before making their final decision. Keeping the windows and their tracks and frames clean can help in their smooth operation. As you can see, there are many reasons clear windows can invite more potential home buyers. So, while you are getting your home and various features in it in ship-shape, don’t forget to call professionals to clean all the glass windows in your home. You’ll be surprised at how much streak-free clean windows can change the look of your property, improving its curb appeal. For any more information on our services, feel free to contact us today.

Dirty Screens Can Lead to Poor Indoor Climate


Many commercial buildings have window screens, and like the windows themselves, they too need regular cleaning. These features are noticeable not just from the exterior of the building, but from inside as well. It means that dirty windows and screens will create a very poor impression about the way you run your business.

Why Window Screen Cleaning is Important

No matter which industry you operate in, first impressions matter. There are many other reasons why you should not neglect getting your window screens cleaned:

  • Dirty screens block the light and obstruct the view. The fine mesh becomes a magnet for dirt and dust, which builds up very quickly.
  • When you have dirty screens, the windowpanes become dirty as well, and that worsens the problem.
  • The problem exacerbates during wintertime, and mold and mildew build up very quickly. It means that the air that flows into the indoor spaces through the screens is impure. Poor air quality can lead to illness.
  • Dirty windows and screens also create a poor impression on clients, customers, and your employees.

Maintaining a clean and dust-free office or commercial space reflects your professionalism and creates a good impression on visitors. However, keeping these features clean can be time-consuming and troublesome. While commercial settings and businesses have internal housekeeping staff for regular maintenance, this job is often neglected.

How Professional Window Cleaners Can Help

So window cleaning is more than just cleaning the glass surfaces. It involves cleaning the screens at the same time. The best way to ensure that this aspect of commercial building maintenance isn’t neglected is to hire the services of window screen cleaning professionals.

They use the best solutions and tools in their work, ensuring that the screens are as clean as the windows. In most instances, screen cleaning is completed at the same time as window cleaning. You can discuss your requirements with the company you contact, and they will make sure that these tasks are completed simultaneously. When you don’t compromise on the quality of window cleaning, you need the services of skilled professionals like us at LA Window Cleaning for the job. We offer customized solutions for our clients and clean all types of commercial windows. Our team will also tackle screen cleaning at the same time. Do not let dirty screens affect the quality of air in the indoor spaces of your commercial building. For more information about our services, please contact us today.

Clean Windows For Extra Sunshine and Vitamin D in Winter

large-scale windows

Your home is your haven, and you like to keep it in good condition at all times. There are various features and installations that need regular cleaning, and sometimes, property owners put window cleaning on the backburner. Most people lead very busy lives, and it is a chore that most tend to avoid.

What Makes Window Cleaning Tough?

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Dirty windows reduce the amount of natural light that enters your home by 40%.

Most modern residential structures, just like commercial ones, have many large glass panes. One way to stay on top of all these chores is to opt for professional home maintenance services. Window cleaning is tedious for several reasons. Sometimes the windows are too big, and cleaning them involves climbing up a ladder, which can be troublesome and risky.

In some settings, the windows are difficult to reach, and that makes keeping them dust and dirt-free a challenge. However, it’s crucial to keep these surfaces clean, inside out because:

  • Dirty windows are not just an eyesore, but affect the view from the indoors.
  • They do not allow sufficient natural light to filter into the indoor spaces, which also makes the rooms in a house look dull and dingy.
  • Furthermore, the dust buildup on the interior surfaces of the windows affects indoor air quality and can cause breathing problems. Last but not least, smudgy window panes can also affect the mood of those living in the house.

Basic Window Cleaning Tips

Some simple window cleaning tips include:

  • Be regular with cleaning your windows. Once the dust and dirt settle on the surfaces, it can affect the condition of the window panes, making it more difficult to clean them.
  • When you are cleaning your windows, make sure that the interior and exterior surfaces are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Clean the windowsills and tracks at the same time.

Since there are so many different things to focus on while cleaning windows, it’s better to call professionals like us for the job. Our technicians are skilled and well trained in cleaning all types of windows on residential properties. This will save you the time, trouble, and effort that goes into cleaning windows in your home. We offer excellent home maintenance services, including window cleaning. Our team will ensure that all the windows are sparkling clean and streak-free. There will be plenty of sunlight streaming into your home, and you can get your shot of natural vitamin D during wintertime. For a quote or more information on our services, please visit our Home page or call us, and we will be happy to help.

High Energy Bills Could Be Contributed to Dirty Window Tracks

clean windows on a commercial building

Energy bills can soar or drop based on the season and your level of consumption. For example, people living in colder regions consume more energy during the winter and have to deal with higher bills. However, an unexplained spike in the cost can be a cause for concern.

That’s often a sign that your appliances are consuming more power than they should to maintain normal function. Most people hire professionals to assess their appliances, trying to find the root cause of the problem. In many cases, the problem can be as simple as a dirty window track.

Why is Window Track Cleaning Important?

window cleaning
Keeping your windows clean can reduce your energy bill.

A dirty window track may not seem like a direct cause for high energy bills, but it can be a big problem. The debris in window tracks makes it difficult for the doors to close fully. Small gaps can let outside air in or inside air out, which can lead to higher electricity bills. Window track cleaning offers several benefits like:

  • Clean tracks make it easier to open and close windows.
  • Your window forms a tight seal, and there are no vulnerable spots, which helps improve overall security.
  • The tight seal also helps improve insulation, ensuring that there are no leaks.

Cleaning window tracks can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Visit the home page of a reliable company to find the best solution. They will offer advice and even provide professional cleaning services that ensure your window is always in good shape.

Window Track Cleaning Tips

Window track cleaning requires some time and elbow grease, especially if the dirt has accumulated over the years. Here are some tips that can help you get the best results:

  • Sprinkle baking soda over the entire track. Make sure you use liberal amounts and cover all dirty areas effectively.
  • Spray a mixture of water, vinegar, and dish soap onto the soda and let it sit. This solution will break down all stubborn grime effectively.
  • Scrub the tracks with a toothbrush to dislodge the most stubborn stains. You can also use a toothpick to remove some of the debris.
  • Wipe the residue carefully and clean with a damp cloth.

It is better to hire professional window track cleaning services because they are more thorough. Professionals have specialized tools and solutions that can help remove all of the dirt and ensure the window tracks are impeccably clean. Get a quote from a reliable cleaning company for the best results.

Removing Paint and Hardwater Stains From Windows

window cleaning

Windows are an important part of every home’s appearance. They allow natural light to flood in and let you enjoy the surrounding scenery. Unfortunately, windows can be a little difficult to clean and maintain if you don’t follow the right techniques or use the right products. Window washing is a difficult and time-consuming job, especially if you have floor-to-ceiling installations. Stains from paint splatters and hard water are especially difficult to remove.

How Hard Water Stains Form on Windows

No stain or window is too complex for us.

Hard water and paint stains leave visible distractions on the glass pane of your window, which can ruin your view. Unclean windows make a room look sloppy even if it is neat and organized. Some of the most common reasons for hard water stains and paint splatters include:

  • Sprinklers –Water from lawn or garden sprinklers can splatter on the window surface. Once the droplets dry, the minerals that were present in the water linger on the window pane. Unfortunately, these hard water stains are difficult to clean and require special solutions.
  • Washing Cars – Sometimes, children and playful adults are too enthusiastic while cleaning cars, splattering the water everywhere. Some of it can get on windows and cause hard water stains as well.
  • DIY Paint Jobs – Professional painters take steps to protect window glass from paint splatters, but DIY enthusiasts usually skip that step. The DIY paint job can lead to tiny droplets of paint on the glass panels.

Hard water stain removal requires professional skill and effective solutions. You can’t rely on regular household cleaners to remove the marks. In fact, harsh cleaners may cause damage to your windows or any protective film applied over them. Look at a professional cleaner’s home page to see what kind of solutions and techniques they use. You can also call them for some advice on how to maintain clean windows.

How Can Professional Services Help?

Professional hard water stain removal services are highly effective. Experts use proven cleaning solutions that are effective and eco-friendly at the same time. They use the right tools and equipment to eliminate even the most stubborn stains without causing any damage to the glass. There will be no unsightly scratches or scuff marks on your window.

Professionals also use deodorized water for cleaning. It leaves behind no streaks or mineral spots and has a lingering fragrance that can brighten the room’s atmosphere. Experts can also reach high or difficult to access windows easily, which is difficult for DIY enthusiasts to manage. Get a quote for window washing from a well-established cleaning company to find the best deal. Most washing companies provide long-term service plans that can help keep your windows clean at all times. Discuss the cleaning requirements with an expert before hiring them.

The Best Every Day Window Cleaning Product is Not What You Think

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Windows enhance a room’s beauty and let natural light pass through. They ensure you can enjoy the outdoor views without having to deal with the outdoor environment. However, these views are only pleasant if your windows are clean and professional cleaning services can help with that.

Professional services can remove months of build-up, stubborn stains, and make sure your window planes look flawless. You can also extend the time between cleaning services by using a good window cleaning product for a surface clean.

Original Blue Dawn Window Cleaner

large-scale windows
Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home through spotless, transparent windows.

If you want quality results, you need to use a reliable window cleaning product. The Original Blue Dawn cleaner is the best choice for both residential and commercial cleaning. Here’s a look at some of its most beneficial characteristics:

  • Eco-Friendly – Original Blue Dawn is an eco-friendly product made from effective ingredients. It won’t cause any damage to the environment and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals that may harm the more vulnerable members of your family.
  • No Streaks – Streaks are a major concern when it comes to window cleaning. No one wants a streaky and stained glass panel. Original Blue Dawn doesn’t leave behind any streaks, and is a very reliable cleaning solution.
  • Window Grease – Window grease can build up over time and is difficult to remove. This window cleaning product is designed to cut through grease effectively, and it doesn’t need too much effort. That makes it an ideal product for kitchen windows as it removes all of the food particles quickly.

With Original Blue Dawn, window cleaning is easier and less time-consuming. You can maintain the panels between professional cleanings to ensure they are always presentable.

How to Use?

Original Blue Dawn is an easy-to-use cleaning solution. You just need to mix a few drops in water and use a spray bottle to apply the solution. Window cleaning experts recommend using approximately one tablespoon of cleaner per one gallon of water for the best results on large cleaning projects.

Dawn is a potent cleaning solution, so you don’t have to use too much. Excessive cleaning solutions will leave behind streaks on the window pane. Contact professionals if you want to know more about Original Blue Dawn or require professional cleaning services. They will offer expert advice and tips on window maintenance. They will also have advice on how to maintain commercial windows, which can often be more difficult to clean.